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Is therapy for you?
Deciding if therapy is right for you depends on your specific needs and circumstances.  Generally, therapy can be beneficial for individuals, couples or families who are experiencing emotional or psychological distress, those struggling with mental health conditions, people facing challenging life circumstances or those seeking personal growth and self-improvement. Take a look at the Types of Therapy we offer here at Wellspring-Scotland

Types of Therapy
Wellspring-Scotland offers a wide range of therapies to support people’s mental health and well-being.  Each type of therapy has its own unique approach and can be beneficial for different individuals, couples or families depending on their needs and preferences.  Wellspring-Scotland offers face to face therapy, as well as options for online and telephone appointments for those that cannot attend in person at Smith’s Place, Leith in Edinburgh (add link to map).   

Here’s a brief explanation of the different types of therapy Wellspring-Scotland can offer you: 

  1. Person Centred therapy: This type of therapy focusses on your own experiences and perspective, with the therapist providing a non-judgemental and supportive environment. 
  1. Psychodynamic therapy: This approach explores how unconscious thoughts and feeling can impact current behaviours and relationships. 
  1. Humanistic therapy: This type of therapy emphasises your innate potential for growth and development, with a focus on self-awareness and personal responsibility. 
  1. Integrative therapy: This approach combines elements of different types of therapy to create a personalised treatment plan. 
  1. Art therapy: This type of therapy involves the use of creative processes, such as painting or drawing, to help you explore your emotions and to express yourself. 
  1. Music therapy: This approach uses music to help individuals explore their emotions, improve communication and promote relaxation. 
  1. Group Therapy: This type of therapy involves a group of individuals working together with a therapist to explore and address common issues. 
  1. Core Process therapy: This approach combines Buddhist mindfulness practices with western psychotherapy techniques to promote self-awareness and personal growth. 
  1. Psychodrama: This type of therapy involves role-playing and dramatization to help individuals work through emotional and interpersonal issues. 
  1. Gestalt therapy: This approach emphasises personal responsibility and awareness, with a focus on the present moment and your own experiences. 
  1. Transpersonal therapy: This type of therapy involves exploring spiritual and transcendent experiences to promote personal growth and self-awareness. 

All of our highly skilled and supportive therapists here at Wellspring-Scotland can support you with your mental wellbeing.  To learn more about our wonderful therapists and the therapy services they offer visit our Therapist page 

If you feel you are ready to start your therapy journey with us then Make an appointment