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Pay it Forward Scheme

Here at Wellspring Scotland, we run a ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme.  This is a great way for you to support individuals who may not be able to afford therapy on their own.  This approach not only benefits the person receiving the therapy but also helps to create a sense of well-being for the person paying it forward.  Each therapy session Wellspring-Scotland provides, costs us around £50, so for every person that contributes more than £50 for their therapy session, we can use the difference to support those that are less able to pay for or afford vital therapy sessions to improve their mental health and well-being. 

We, and all the people that your donation will support are so grateful.  And remember, acts of kindness, such as paying it forward benefits both you and others. 

There are many reasons why acts of kindness, such as ‘paying it forward’ can be beneficial for your mental well-being.  Sometimes, when we are struggling with our own mental health or well-being, it can be challenging to focus on others.  However, taking a little time to do something for someone else can actually help improve our own mental health and well-being.  Here are some of the key benefits of acts of kindness, such as ‘paying it back’: 

  1. Boosts mood: Performing acts of kindness can boost mood and create a sense of happiness and well-being.  When we do something kind for others, it activates the pleasure centres in our brains, releasing endorphins and creating a positive feeling 
  1. Reduces stress: Actos of kindness can also help to reduce stress levels.  When we focus on others and helping them, it can take our mind off our own problems and worries, reducing stress and anxiety. 
  1. Increases empathy: Regularly performing acts of kindness can help to increase empathy and compassion towards others.  This can help to create a more caring and supportive community. 
  1. Improves overall health: Studies have shown that people who regularly perform acts of kindness have lower levels of inflammation and a stronger immune system.  This suggests that acts of kindness may have physical health benefits as well. 

Overall, acts of kindness can have many benefits for both the person performing the act and the recipient.  By donating to Wellspring-Scotland, you can create a more positive and supportive feeling for someone else, whilst also improving your own well-being.

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