Wellspring was established in 1978 by a group of people who shared a vision of a new centre where young and old could find understanding and help in working out new and creative directions. This group was chaired by a university chaplain, Fr Marcus Lefebure and convened by Dr Winifred Rushforth. She had founded Wellspring’s precursor, the Davidson Clinic in 1939. The first of its kind in Scotland, the Davidson Clinic had fulfilled its purpose when it closed 24 years later - NHS services for children and families having been established. This clinic had, however, built a solid base of interest in psychotherapy in Edinburgh.

Wellspring’s first director was Winifred’s daughter, Dr Diana Bates, who after retiring from a GP practice in England, saw the first client in one room, generously lent by the Salisbury Centre. Wellspring moved to its current premises at Smith’s Place in 1986.

In 1996, Wellspring was formed into a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Our fully trained and highly committed staff possess a wide variety of skills continuing to fulfill Wellspring’s original vision. Some have practised here for many years, providing a bedrock of experience; others have more recently arrived, providing a continual renewal.

What are the major milestones, awards and achievements that prove our growth and impact?

Why not read this brilliant blog piece from our Clinical Manager Maggie Mackechnie for Winifred's 40th Anniversary this year:

Forty Years On - A Brief History of Wellspring by Maggie Mackechnie (Clinical Manager)