What is counselling and psychotherapy?

This is a process which offers you an opportunity to explore the issues that have brought you to Wellspring in a confidential setting. It provides time and space for you to talk to someone with the skills and experience to help you address issues which are making you feel anxious, depressed, stressed, stuck, or unable to cope

How long does therapy last?

You and your therapist may decide that a brief, solution focused approach is best and together agree on a focus for the sessions to help you to explore your options, reach decisions, make choices and find your own solutions. Alternatively, you might prefer a more open-ended arrangement to allow you time to explore issues in greater depth.

How often do I need to come and how long is a session?

Sessions last for one hour and are normally on a weekly basis.

Is therapy confidential?

What you discuss in your therapy sessions is held in confidence by your therapist. Wellspring therapists work to a strict code of ethics and professional practice. Only if you were at serious risk to yourself or others, particularly children, or if the law required it, would your therapist discuss with you the need to make information known to anyone else.

How do I know if therapy is for me?

People come to Wellspring with a broad range of issues, these include: anxiety, depression, stress, life changes, relationships, eating disorders, bereavement & loss, gender & sexuality issues, alcohol & substance misuse, personal growth & development.

How much does therapy cost?

Wellspring is a charity and does not receive any funding from central or local government or the NHS. We rely on our own fundraising activities, donations and client fees to provide our counselling and psychotherapy service. We operate a sliding scale for fees, according to income as follows:

  • Under £15,000 – around £25 per session
  • Between £15-20,000 – around £30 per session
  • Between £20-25,000 – around £35 per session
  • Between £25-30,000 – around £45 per session
  • Between £30-35,000 – around £55 per session
  • Between £35-45,000- around £65 per session
  • Over £45,000- around £75 per session

The fee is discussed with your therapist in the first session and is reviewed on an annual basis throughout your therapy.

What about my therapist?

All Wellspring therapists are trained and qualified either as counsellors or psychotherapists and are members of their professional body. We currently have 16 therapists offering a range of theoretical approaches.

In addition we have student therapists on placement with us who are working towards a recognised counselling or psychotherapy qualification.

All our therapists have independent clinical supervision on a regular basis and student therapists are supervised by Wellspring therapists.

What if I am unhappy with my therapist?

If you are unhappy with the way you and your therapist are working together we recommend you discuss this with your therapist to find a way forward. If you are still unhappy, or you feel unable to address the issue with your therapist, please contact the Clinical Services Manager to discuss your concerns. See Complaints Procedure.

What if I want to end therapy?

Therapy can be challenging and people react differently. Some feel such relief at having shared their difficulties they think further sessions are not necessary. Others may feel a bit worse as they talk about difficult issues and feel anxious about continuing. Whatever your experience, it is useful to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your therapist rather than not keeping your appointment or cancelling by phone. Exploring with your therapist your reasons for wanting to finish can often play an important part in understanding and dealing with the issues you are bringing.

How do I make an appointment?

It is important that the initiative for making an appointment comes from you. This can be done either by email, phone or letter. You will then be emailed, or if you prefer, posted an information pack containing a self referral form. Once we have received your competed form, you will be placed on our waiting list. A therapist will be in touch as soon as an appointment time becomes available. Waiting times vary depending on your availaibilty, and the availability of a suitable therapist. Current waiting times for a first appointment are approximately 3-5 weeks.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Appointments which are made and not kept will be charged for.