Maggie MacKechnie is a Core Process and Dream Work Psychotherapist.

The therapy Maggie offers takes the form of an exploration into whatever the client brings, whether major life changes, relationship problems or anything that affects health and wellbeing. Maggie believes that deep listening, and the effect of paying attention to what is experienced moment by moment by client and therapist, enables old defensive patterns of living to be recognised and let go of, which then enables deeper resources to emerge.

Core Process is a Psychotherapy based on both Buddhist and Western Psychological knowledge of human suffering. It holds, as a fundamental principle, that we are each in our basic nature whole and well, and that through experiences in relationships throughout our lives we have become unhappy and divided within ourselves.

Maggie is also trained in Jungian Dream Work.

Maggie has an MA in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice, is UKCP registered, and is inclusively a member of the Association of the Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP).