Leoni McRobert is an English-Cypriot therapist.

As a bilingual, I am aware of the role language and culture play in shaping who we are. I can also offer counselling in Greek, as well as English.

I have a Masters in Counselling from the University of Edinburgh where I trained in the dialogue between person-centred and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I also have a Postgraduate certificate in Systemic Practice from the Institute of Family Therapy and have experience working with families and couples at The Wimbledon Guild Family Therapy Service. I am currently a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by their ethical framework.

In my experience, the counselling relationship is a collaborative relationship mutually shaped by both client and therapist. It is a space where healing can take place by exploring aspects of your past which continue to affect your present. Therapy can help facilitate you to understand how you can relate to your internal experience, not only giving you a deeper understanding of what is happening inside but also in your relationships with others.

I believe the unconscious, our inner world and our early life experiences strongly shape our outer realities and influence how we relate to others and ourselves. We all have defences protecting us against painful experiences, which are often unconscious but through the counselling relationship, they can be brought into consciousness to facilitate a greater awareness of self. I have witnessed how therapy brings clients into deeper contact with their authentic self, which often encourages them to make changes that better suit their current needs.