John Cassie is a Transpersonal and Integrative Counsellor at Wellspring.

Hello and welcome!  I offer psychotherapy and counselling with a practical, down to earth approach that will be tailor-made and appropriate to you.  We will be working together, and I will not presume to know exactly what is going on for you, but I will be interested in hearing how things are. While I like to bring sensitivity and acceptance and offer a safe listening space (and room perhaps for more open exploration looking at different perspectives), I also enjoy working in a more directive, active way: for example, focussing on a specific problem, or offering suggestions for reading material and potential therapeutic activities between your sessions.

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and counsellor with additional training in Stress Management and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  As a Transpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapist, I bring many years of additional training and experience in Indian martial arts, Yoga, Sufi Healing and meditation – all of which may influence and inform my approach, where appropriate.  I offer individual psychotherapy and counselling to adults.