Gabriel Soler is a Chilean-Spanish psychotherapist and is trained in an integrative approach. He develops a tailored style in his practice. In this way to approach the work, depending on each client, Gabriel uses different styles. His main conviction is that the relationship is the base for any good outcome, therefore he works in a close and authentic way with his clients. He uses mindfulness-based interventions, using body consciousness, active imagination, and meditation itself.

He believes in a mind that is embedded in relationships and social structures, that is embodied, and that is assembled in interactions with concrete things. This is expressed in his practice as he gives value not just to the ‘inner dynamics’ but also to the context where things happen. Regarding inner dynamics, Gabriel follows a developmental approach when trying to understand the processes that are underlying the conflicts, thus helping the client to interpret and conceive his issues in a fundamentally new way.

Gabriel has studied psychology, with training in integrative psychotherapy and has a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Currently, he is developing his own way of thinking therapy through his PhD work in Counselling Studies at the University of Edinburgh.