Caroline Finn is a Psychodynamic Art Therapist.

Having trained in the psychodynamic model of Art Therapy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, I qualified in 2003. I use a psychodynamic model of therapy, the developing relationship between client and therapist providing an indication of where to go in the sessions. I like to find patterns and link things up for the client, making connections within the sessions between the client and themselves as well as between client and therapist.

I have had the privilege of working with both adults and children of all ages, including those with a range of disabilities, communication difficulties and learning disabilities. I feel that it is important to listen to all forms of communication from clients, so I will be listening to behaviour, sounds in the room, the energy of each individual and the way they use the room.  I see each client as an individual and enjoy the process of getting to know people and how they work, and working together to enable them to know themselves better.

I am interested in object-relations, how our early relationships shape how we interact with others and experience ourselves in the world. I am also fascinated by dreams and enjoy thinking with clients about their dream life and dream world. Jung’s thoughts on dream interpretation are particularly interesting and resonant to me. I am interested in symbolism and metaphor. I also love the work of Donald Winnicott and his thoughts on childhood, the importance of learning about the world through play and the role the caregiver can give in developing the confidence to explore freely during the early years. I am also interested in attachment and the work of Bowlby. I have a basic working knowledge of neuroscience and how the body and the brain respond to extreme stress.

I feel it is important to help clients to think about emotional vocabulary, and enable them to reconnect with their body, recognising the symptoms of their stress and express their feelings in a healthy way. I tend to explore with people the things that have helped them in the past, to enable them to work out their own tailor-made strategies for coping with anxiety. It is also important to enable clients to learn their own stress signals and be able to act on them in a way that is beneficial.

I studied Reiki to level 2 and this underpins my thoughts on clients and their energy in the therapeutic space. I am interested in the unconscious and intuition, and the effect past traumas have on our relationship with these parts of the self. Part of the work of therapy is often to re-connect with intuitive feelings so that they can be heard and acted upon.

I am equally comfortable working with clients who want to make artwork and those who do not.

I am registered as a private practitioner through the British Association of Art Therapists and a member of the Health and Care Professions Council.