Hello, I’m Adam and I offer clients an Integrative approach. I work in a way which utilises both the Psychodynamic and Person-centred approaches to therapy. For me, this means providing a space in which individuals can bring issues or personal problems which are affecting their daily lives and be heard. I work relationally and know that there is much more to being heard than having someone simply listen.

Always staying with you and your experiences, I reflect, wonder, question, and explore what your experiences mean to you personally. My belief from my experience is that through this relational process one can find new ways of approaching life’s problems, potentially alleviating symptoms and ultimately shaping a more fulfilling life experience.

My experience is mainly in relation to adults working with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, attachment issues, and relationship issues. Although this list can feel exhaustive and quite specific, I believe that therapy can be helpful if you feel fear, guilt, anger, or feeling overwhelmed or upset regularly. Not being able to understand why these emotions do not change can make daily life feel unrelenting and painful; like it has lost meaning or purpose. Sharing these issues in a relationship with an individual who empathises with you, does not judge you, and is genuine throughout can catalyse a healing process.

I completed the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Counselling at the University of Edinburgh and I am currently a member of BACP, abiding by their ethical framework.