Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

What Wellspring Can Offer

Our therapists provide individual sessions of supportive and brief, solution-focused counselling. We are accustomed to contracts offering up to six counselling sessions for employees, paid for by employers as part of their commitment to staff support.

Wellspring’s therapists represent a variety of orientations, including psychodynamic, person-centred, core process, art therapy, gestalt, transpersonal, humanistic, integrative and play therapy. All are experienced in brief, solution-focused counselling and are familiar with work-related and mental health issues. Some have particular experience of working with young adults and others undertake couple and family work. 

As well as providing counselling for employees, Wellspring offers a range of resources, such as Assertiveness Training, Stress Awareness, Team Building, Mediation, ongoing Case Management and Consultation sessions, and a variety of workshops and seminars on a one-off or brief series basis.

EAP Information Leaflet

Please note that we are currently offering Zoom or telephone counselling due to the COVID-19 outbreak. you can find more information about this on our Online and Telephone Counselling pages. 

If you would like an EAP contract sent to you please contact Agata on 07985 625 917 or Julia on 07898 581 176 (between 10am-6pm Monday to Friday). You can also email us at [email protected]