Template weekly routine

With lockdown restrictions in place, many of us are finding ourselves in our homes a lot more, possibly with more time on our hands.

You may be feeling grateful for your safety at home, or you may be feeling anxious, claustrophobic, or bored. You may be feeling angry and frustrated, or even relieved at the lack of pressure from the outside world and appreciative of the time to pause. Whatever you are feeling, and it may change hour to hour, is ok. This is an unknown time for us all and it’s best we take it day by day.

We are usually held a by some form of routine; whether that’s school, work, caring for a pet, hobbies or otherwise. Routine and structure can help us feel contained, safe, in control, purposeful and keep us busy! So, by bringing routine into the home, it may help us take back control in these uncertain times as best we can. Even the smallest choices can help us feel empowered and in control. Believe it or not, but you’re probably already making a lot of choices. For example, if you’ve got changed, got out of bed, had a shower, kept hydrated or even switched on the tv – these are all positive achievements you’ve made today. However, on days we feel we need more, or days we feel like we have more motivation to do more, there are lots of opportunities out there.

Here is an example of what a week in lockdown could look like, although it’s also ok for you to take a step back and just do the bare minimum if that’s what it takes to look after yourself that day. Maybe you want to start with choosing to fulfil just 1 section per day and that’s enough. This purpose of this template is just to share ideas of maybe what structure and routine could look like, but why not create your own!