Psychodrama is a creative action group therapy that can help individuals and groups explore the complexity of thoughts and emotions present within any life situation.

Central to the approach is creativity and spontaneity of action, which can reveal aspects of ourselves we have been unaware of, to help us to express ourselves more clearly and re-assess the focus and direction of our life.

The approach is based on Jacob Moreno’s Role Theory. From an early age we tend to adopt roles to match the expectations of those around us. Some roles can become overdeveloped, leaving other potential roles undeveloped. By exploring actively and embodying roles, psychodrama can help us expand our role repertoire thus creating the opportunity for more balance, personal fulfilment and the ability to form healthier relationships.

The symbolic language of dreams, a significant story or metaphor or objects and images can be rich material to explore through these methods.

The role of the psychodrama group and its facilitator is to create a safe environment in which feelings can be acknowledged, expressed and contained. The work is done at whatever level of self-disclosure or depth each individual is comfortable with. An important aspect of the culture of the group is freedom of choice and the support to say no or stop at any time.