Piotr’s passion for working with computers began in 1986, when the Internet was still in its infancy and when he was introduced to an Apple IIc. His first computer-related job was in software engineering and architecture in 1998, during which he facilitated a company-wide systems transition ahead of expected complications caused by the year 2000 bug. 

His work while in the US includes financial application development for the US Department of Transportation and building an election results analysis system for USA Today’s 2012 Presidential Election live internet feed. Following his move to Edinburgh, Scotland, his roles have expanded to leading the development departments for several startups, including Money Dashboard and Lettingweb as well as to building and managing IT teams while maintaining passion for hands-on software development and education. 

In his spare time, Piotr enjoys volunteering. He’s been a volunteer firefighter, a mentor for students from CodeClan, and he participates in the Independent Custody Visitor scheme.