Core Process psychotherapy has its roots in the psychology, philosophy and contemplative practices developed during two thousand years of Buddhist enquiry. This knowledge base is integrated with western psychotherapy skills and developmental theories.

Core Process is a contemplative approach of exploring how we are in our present experience and the way that one’s past conditioning and relationships act to shape new life events.

The psychotherapeutic relationship is the context within which this exploration is undertaken. Through this mutual enquiry there is the potential for suffering to be transformed, thus allowing greater and more conscious choice in our daily lives. Becoming more fully present in each moment brings us into direct contact with those places where we are fragmented, split and disconnected. Through bringing more of these processes into awareness, we can work with spiritual, physical, psychological and energetic layers of experience, as they emerge in embodiment and come more deeply into contact with the illimitable qualities of compassion, loving kindness, sympathetic joy and equanimity which arise naturally from the core state.